About Us

Beloved Traveler,

I am very glad to welcome you in our world wide web temple and that our paths crossed somewhere on our journeys. As a soul, witnessing a meaning-making organism, you might ask yourself the question what this Funyas thing actually is about. Well, please let me shed some light on our vision and our positioning in the universe.

Funyas is a joined term, originating out of “fun” and “sannyas”. A sannyasin in its traditional Hindu understanding means renunciation. So somebody who took sannyas dedicated oneself to asceticism and reaching “moksha”, the liberation from karma and the birth-death-cycle through unification with god or the highest reality. We are here nevertheless more concerned with the neo-sannyas notion, as shaped by Osho. In his rebellious, unorthodox way he consciously proclaimed a counterpart to this tradition, where the spiritual search still is the guiding principle in the life, but it is no longer necessary to renounce from the world. Still, consciousness and meditation are the essential, defining elements, which accompany this way of living with a commitment to truth. The main purpose should be enjoying a free and happy life full of trust and love instead of vegetating as a living dead, captivated in fear and unconscious, blind ambition. So please, let us all gently support each other in taking off Zumbach’s suites, slipping through the traps of our minds and laughing at ourselves and our “mistakes” on our spiritual journey. Let’s strip off shame and guilt and enjoy dancing a lighthearted tango through the web of life in this divine comedy.

So that’s basically the accompanying vision for humanity, that we share here. We would like this to be reflected in the art and service we are offering you on this portal. We love to distribute artistic expressions over the world, which bring more color, joy, inspiration and wonder to you. Our current portfolio enfolds a wide range of styles, from devotional, iconic art, over nudes, including provoking pieces with transgenders or horse-human-hybrids, right up to landscapes as well as cubistic and abstract works. I am sure there is something in there to discover for almost everybody’s gusto.

With deep gratitude for your attention, I send you my blessed wishes.

Bhagwan Johannes


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