Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir eine Auswahl unserer Darshan Bilder. Diese Malerei zeigt Jesus Remus' Meister, ausgehend von dem Beginn seiner Jüngerschaft im Jahre 1980. Während seiner Übungen, welche er "Energie Darshan" nannte, teilte dieser seine Präsenz und sein Buddhafeld mit den ihm Ergebenen, verweilend in Achtsamkeit und dem gegenwärtigen Moment, sowie der Möglichkeit Raum gebend, in einer bewussten Kommunion zu sein.  

While the world keeps going on
producing tales of misery,
the master pointing to the moon, 

gives an indication
how easy, soft and tenderly
  relationship could be.

only the awakend-one
dropped eternal sleep

after all the dreams have gone
his truth is going deep

deeper then a thousand eyes
will he look at you

better not to tell him lies
honesty will do


letting go what's been coming
from the river we call life,
leaves you emptyhanded, walking
to the mountains you arrive.


Being here,
being now
is the highest anyhow.
Melting Icecream bodyheat,
we been in balance for this beat.


Coming from a mighty fire
he could lighten up your way
he can reach you without wire
magic times have come to stay

Better times for awe and wonder
better times for love and peace
now they try put us under
but we won't allow them this.


Now it' s a season for predictions
but the future likes to hide,
the master's got some old connections
at the very other side.


There is no one who can tell you
what tomorrow is to be
only fools are now to sell you
as your eyes would like to see.


The center is,
where the outer meets
the inner world.


The master is a superman
he is super human
time and space are at his hand
he is living in Nirvana
close and far away a land.



To tell by pictures what is hard to say
like walking on feet an invisble way.

Walking to feelings far beyond fear
singing a song now you can hear.

listen to lovers gives you the might
you coud be a need for the final to fight.


Mistery given to those in surrrender
magicly driven by ecstasy.
The starv for fruits is over now
blossomtimes have come,
eating from the tree of knowledge
just keeps going on.


The paintings and writings, the music,
the puppets and masks, are the masters means
to create his vision of the new man,
living a new day after a bright dawn.


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